Google me this

Dear reader,

Am I correct when I say that you’ve googled something today? Chances are, I am.

Google is taking over the world. In the best way possible. I didn’t like how my Gmail account linked up with Youtube, but there are so many things that make up for this. Google Docs is already something I use, but I’ve recently started using Google Calendar, and might I say that it’s incredible. I love the fact that you can create so many calendars. And I love organization.

If you haven’t made a Google+ account yet, I highly recommend it. It isn’t a Facebook (yet?), but it’s on its way. Google+ Hangouts destroys Skype and Facetime. There’s screen-share, and there are a ton of nifty “costumes” you can wear.

This may seem like a paid endorsement for Google, but trust me, it’s not. Why would Google pay a person who only has 12 hits and 8 followers on her blog to advertise for them?

Yours Truly,



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