Dear reader,

What does it mean to innovate?

According to Google, it means to “make changes in something established, esp. by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.”

Here is a fun poem I found online about innovation in business:

Open, Open, Open wide

Innovation is not just inside

What you think you know

or hear

or see

May be a warped reality


act on what you’ve heard

Take what they are saying

Take them at the HEART of their word

They might not be able

to transfer the need

But communication is not a one way street

Research implies it is done


Things change remember

Keep in touch to see


To disrupt

We must the jobs understand

What our customers need

What’s in demand

Breakthrough, breakthrough

But breakthrough what

You own perception may have cause this rut

Incremental improvement



What the customer expects,

the customer gets

But what of the things they cannot yet see

The things we have but are yet to be

Things imagination have only conceived

But funnel management has yet to believe

Not just crazy ideas without a tether

But concept in contexts we discover


Value, Implementation, Products,


Some axes of business on which innovation


Engage, Listen, Think, and Present

Share with the world

What your mind can invent

Innovating, Marketing

Business as a whole

Is a conversation

We moderate…

we don’t control

The door to innovation

Is the same as the key

It’s the way that we think

It’s you and it’s me

The process of presenting


or as if


Innovation is something

We can learn


Innovation is needed in a business in order for it to be successful. A perfect example of an innovator who transformed a company (and not to mention, the world) would be Steve Jobs. He turned the world of technology upside. But that wasn’t without chaos and obstacles. Success isn’t just from Point A to Point B. It’s from Point A to Point B to Point C to Point D and so on until it finally reaches Point Z.

“Think different.” The slogan for Apple years ago that still applies to today.

Sometimes innovation can be so easy, you wonder to yourself how come you didn’t think of that before so-and-so did. But it doesn’t have to be a competition (although that’s a great way to generate ideas). Innovate so-and-so’s innovation and make it even better. At the end of the day, the goal is to improve the world.

Smart! I’m surprised this innovation to the typical outlet hasn’t become ubiquitous yet.

It’s scary to do something out of the norm, but people who take that risk are the ones who actually have a chance to do something huge. Eating french fries with ketchup has been going on for years, but eating french fries with sriracha? YUM. The zone outside of your comfort zone is the zone where ideas take off and make worthy things happen. The modern-day car is built upon innovation after innovation. Who wants to get into a stuffy car on a hot day? Bam! Air-conditioning installed. Who wants to sit on cold, leather seats? Ka-pow! Seat warmers. Who wants to have to use a map? Wham! Meet your new GPS.

Innovation is seeing things in a different way that others haven’t thought of before. It’s thinking outside the box. It’s making an outlandish idea become reality.

“Stop chasing what’s now and create what’s next.”

Yours Truly,

Elise Dang

An innovative idea: A catwalk, not a crosswalk


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