Innovation 2

Dear reader,

This is innovation:

The rolling ball clocks (invented by Harley Mayenschein in the 1970s) are already innovative, but to create one with toys meant for children is incredible. Keeping track of time is now an art.

Yes, I’ve already made a post on innovation. But I feel that innovation is something too important for just one post. Innovation is what leads the world into the future. We can’t progress without change, and in order to improve, we need to change things in the world because the world’s current state isn’t perfect—and it never will be. Innovation gets us to the closest we could possibly be to perfection. Although it’s achievable, we can come amazingly close to it through raising the bar over and over.

Innovation doesn’t mean you have to invent something that no one has ever seen before. Innovation can just be making something already in existence even more excellent.

You can innovate. Anyone can innovate. Here’s a quote that really drives this idea home:

“I said ‘Somebody should do something about that.’ Then I realized I am somebody.” 

And here’s another quote that really encompasses this idea:

Jason Allemann Brick, the man who created the LEGO clock seen in the video, isn’t some sort of mad scientist. He’s an artist with a creative mind and access to LEGOs. But you don’t need LEGOs to be innovative. You could use a potato and still create something awesome.

I wasn’t kidding about the potato. You can paint with potatoes.

Innovators are the ones that are successful. Mark Zuckerberg changed the nature of sharing and social media. Yes, Myspace was in existence (and other websites like it). But when Mark introduced Facebook, he revolutionized the world. Same goes with the creators of Twitter, Instagram, etc…

You can change the world and better it. You can start out small, but if you work hard, you can make a big impact.

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe.” – Steve Jobs, innovator

Yours Truly,



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