Shakespeare: To read or not to read?

Dear reader,

Shakespeare has “shaken” my “sphere” (Earth, because it’s a sphere, and Earth = world). (Bad pun.)

I used to hate reading Shakespeare because I found it to be so confusing. For instance…

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.

This is an excerpt from Romeo and Juliet. What does this mean? Did someone’s window just break?

The movies were fine to watch (mainly because of Leonardo DiCaprio), but the plays were so hard to follow. However, after reading Hamlet, I realized that I actually quite like Shakespeare. Hamlet (the person) is like today’s teenager.

Shakespeare, to quote a fellow classmate, also adds “class to disses.” There are many impressive quotes in Hamlet too, ranging from humorous to deep. One of my favorites is “Your fat king and your lean beggar is but variable service, two dishes, but to one table: that’s the end.” It reminds me of the Italian proverb, “Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.”

A favorite scene of mine is when Hamlet calls Polonius a “fishmonger.”

Polonius: Do you know me, my lord?

Hamlet: Excellent well; you are a fishmonger.

It was so random, and it reminded me of the scene from Forrest Gump (one of the best movies out there, so watch it if you haven’t yet) where Forrest shakes hands with JFK, and he tells him that he has to pee:

Both are so “out-of-no-where” and bizarre.

If you haven’t read any of Shakespeare’s plays (or you have and didn’t enjoy it), check some out and give them a chance! I’m glad I did.

Yours Truly,



One comment

  1. Nice connection between “Forrest Gump” and Shakespeare! I never would have noticed it because I wasn’t able to look past the difference between the main characters: Shakespeare’s Hamlet broods over the actions he take whereas Gump follows his heart and instinct (instead of his head).

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