The Art of Reading and the Contrasting World

Dear reader,

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about how I wanted to read more. Two days ago, I finished John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars (TFiOS). It was a fantastic read, and ever since then, I’ve found myself wanting to read more and more. I’ve downloaded a ton of books that friends and teachers have recommended to me on my Kindle. For the past few nights, I’ve been staying up late reading, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s strange that I can pinpoint exactly when I fell in love with reading, but it was the moments after I finished TFiOS.

The book has been adapted into a movie, which comes out June 2014. Here’s the trailer, but please don’t watch it until you’ve finished the book!

Another book I’ve finished reading recently is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I must say, the novel was very intriguing. Usually older books don’t grasp my attention, but the story left me glued to the pages.

I wanted to connect TFiOS with Frankenstein somehow, but they’re very different. This shows that you don’t have to hate mystery novels just because you also enjoy comedy. **SOMEWHAT SPOILER ALERT AHEAD** Hazel Grace is much different from Augustus in their beliefs, but they are clearly compatible for each other. Victor Frankenstein is way different than Elizabeth, but he still finds love in her. The world is a contrasting one. In psychology, it is said that opposites do not attract. I believe that opposites do (and also similarities). It’s strange how I can enjoy two very different books so much.

If you’re not that into reading, force yourself to read two books that are different from each other. It’s worth it.

Okay? Okay. (If you’ve read TFiOS, you’ll get this.)

Yours truly,




  1. I’ve seen so(oooooo) much everywhere about The Fault in Our Stars. I knew what it was about, and despite everybody’s absolutely raving reviews, I had zero interest in it. (Just due to the subject matter not being my cup of tea, personal preferences in reading and all. I didn’t think I’d be able to get into it.)
    I’ll be totally honest, I just watched that trailer and it made me cry. I CRIED OVER A TWO MINUTE TRAILER. O.o
    Now I don’t know that I SHOULD read that book.
    I probably will. So thank you (or not? I don’t know yet) for changing my mind. XD

    1. Hello! 🙂 I highly recommend it. It’s definitely a tear-jerker, but it’s also an incredible read. I would try to read it as soon as possible to avoid spoilers from others since a lot of people will be discussing it. I hope you enjoy!

      1. It might be EXTREMELY weird, but I really don’t mind spoilers. I’m sure I will check it out sometime. Thanks. 🙂

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