Heart of Darkness

Dear reader,

I’ve started reading Heart of Darkness recently. It’s not on my reading list, but I’m required to read it for school.

I really love the character names (even though there aren’t many actually named with actual names). Marlow. Kurtz. The title is fantastic too. I’ve heard the title in many movies and TV shows! The book feels mysterious and dark, something that I don’t normally read. It’s feels exciting to change up my reading habits.

In The Beatles‘s Let It Be, there’s a line that goes, “And in my hour of darkness…” I used to always think it was “And in my heart of darkness…” I’m not sure why I shared this. I like The Beatles, so it’s nice being able to relate things I like to things I don’t really like. I’ll admit, the books is a bit tedious so far. However, stories change and develop drastically throughout a novel. I’m sure the book will be worthwhile to read.

Yours truly



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