Three O’Clock High

Dear reader,

I’m not sure how famous this movie is, but I really like it so far. Today in class, we started Three O’Clock High.

Not only is it funny, but I really love how it’s filmed. The cinematography is absolutely fantastic!

Jerry Mitchell, the unfortunate protagonist, is played by Casey Siemaszko (who plays Curley in Of Mice and Men). He’s on the school paper, and he gets into trouble with the new kid, Buddy Revell, when he puts his hand on his shoulder. You see, Buddy doesn’t particularly like being touched by people.

This film goes to show that movies are timeless. It’s from 1987, and it’s still very much enjoyable. Some fairly recent movies that I really enjoyed are…

  • Inception
  • (500) Days of Summer
  • 50/50
  • You’ve probably noticed that all of them star Joseph Gordon-Levitt so far…
  • Les Misérables
  • Gravity
  • Django Unchained
  • 21
  • Spirited Away

Most of the movies I’ve listed are either blockbusters or fairly well-known. This makes me think of all the indies flicks that are masterpieces, but not many know of them. Time also hides a lot of them , like Three O’Clock High, too. If I ask my friends if they’ve seen it, they’d probably answer that they’ve never even heard of it before. It’s a shame, but it just makes me want to watch and appreciate more movies that haven’t been in the limelight lately.

What makes me like a movie?

  1. It stars an actor/ actress I like (that’s probably the reason why indie flicks don’t get as much credit…)
  2. It’s based off a book I like (The Hunger Games)
  3. It has people singing songs in it (Frozen!)
  4. It’s funny
  5. It’s filmed very well (cinematography)
  6. It transports me to other world
  7. I connect with the characters
  8. The title of the movie is clever
  9. The characters don’t annoy me
  10. It makes me think

Feel free to post movie suggestions in the comments section. I’d really appreciate it!

Yours truly,



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