1984 and Topics of Discussion

Dear reader,

1984 is absolutely fantastic. The novel is unlike any book I had to read for school before. I’m not hating on the other books I was forced to read, but 1984 is a book I would’ve read even if I wasn’t assigned to read it. It’s mysterious, clever, creative…

The only other dystopian books I’ve read are The Hunger Games and Divergent, and both of those were fabulous. I’ve always wanted to write a book, so maybe writing about a dystopia is the way to go. It takes you to another world, and it makes you appreciate your world even more.

I’m so excited to read this book. I actually love to discuss it because it brings up a lot of interesting (and controversial) questions that many countries today face. I love to discuss things (but not necessarily debate things) because it allows me to socialize and think deeply. Here are some topics you could discuss with family, friends, dogs, cats, anyone:

  • What is the best number
  • What is the best letter of the alphabet
  • Which way should toilet paper face
  • How to pronounce Jaguar (Jag-gwhy-ar or Jag-guar)
  • iPhone or Galaxy
  • PC or Mac

And of course…

  • What is the meaning of life

You can discuss/ debate about nearly anything. And remember that just because someone’s voice is louder, doesn’t mean his or her argument is better. This has always bothered me. Don’t drown out the other person’s voice if you guys end up getting really into the discussion. You don’t want to turn a civilized conversation into an all out screamfest. Talk, but also let the other person talk. It’s no fun just talking to yourself! Be open-minded. It’s sometimes good to be stubborn, but not always. You never know, you may end up agreeing with the said person by the end of the discussion, or they may end up agreeing with you. Or you guys end up with the same opinion. Just be respectful.

Yours truly,



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