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The Ancient Art of Writing Letters

Dear reader, I love receiving handmade things. So, I was ecstatic to receive this postcard from a fellow classmate. You probably think this postcard is pretty strange, especially since he’s addressing me as “comrade.” I’ll explain. We were assigned to make postcards as if we were in the age of Big Brother (from George Orwell’s 1984). […]

What has inspired you lately?

Dear reader, Jujitsu-ing Reality. What has inspired you lately? A family member, a friend, a book, a teacher, a movie, a song, a newspaper article, a conversation? One of my favorite inspiration quotes is a cheesy one. “If you can believe, you can achieve.” It’s short, sweet, and to-the-point. I believe that it’s very important […]

Getting my blog out there

Dear reader, I feel like such a hipster using hipster font, but it’s okay. Who knew using photo-editing apps could be so much fun? I’ve made two badges for my blog using my own photos: I posted them on my Pinterest (which you should check out…). Yours Truly, Elise

Share your world

Dear reader, Social media has changed how the world works in many aspects. Events in Cambridge can be heard in Tokyo the same day. The personal daily events of Joseph Gordon-Levitt can be found easily. And anyone can share his/her world with the world. Take advantage of that. Tell your stories, show-off the amazing pictures […]


Dear reader, I’ve already posted 2 times tonight, and here’s the 3rd. But there’s a lot of information that I need to tell the world (a.k.a. my 8 followers). I’ve made a Pinterest account (click here) so that I can get my blog “out there.” And where is “out there,” you ask? Just out in the interweb. […]