Dear reader, I love receiving handmade things. So, I was ecstatic to receive this postcard from a fellow classmate. You probably think this postcard is pretty strange, especially since he’s addressing me as “comrade.” I’ll explain. We were assigned to make postcards as if we were in the age of Big Brother (from George Orwell’s 1984). […]

Dear reader, Before I get into this blog post, please check out this Buzzfeed article that inspired me. Now that you’re done reading, I’ll get into my point. So, the article is titled “23 Things That Never Actually Happen in Real Life.” Never is such an absolute world. For instance, #6 (You get a letter in the […]

Dear reader, 1984 is absolutely fantastic. The novel is unlike any book I had to read for school before. I’m not hating on the other books I was forced to read, but 1984 is a book I would’ve read even if I wasn’t assigned to read it. It’s mysterious, clever, creative… The only other dystopian books […]

Dear reader, I started reading 1984 by George Orwell recently, and I’m super stoked about it! I’ve heard great things about this particular novel. I’ve read Orwell’s Animal Farm, and I absolutely loved it. This famous quote from the book kept ringing in my ear throughout the novel: “All animals are equal, but some animals are […]

Dear reader, I’m not sure how famous this movie is, but I really like it so far. Today in class, we started Three O’Clock High. Not only is it funny, but I really love how it’s filmed. The cinematography is absolutely fantastic! Jerry Mitchell, the unfortunate protagonist, is played by Casey Siemaszko (who plays Curley in Of […]

Dear reader, Spring is almost here. I bought some Dahlia bulbs that I’m going to plant soon! Reading Heart of Darkness has been a bit “dark,” so I wanted to brighten up my blog with some brightness and cheery stuff. I guess the scene about the random hippopotamus in HoD could count as a burst of color […]

Dear reader, I’ve started reading Heart of Darkness recently. It’s not on my reading list, but I’m required to read it for school. I really love the character names (even though there aren’t many actually named with actual names). Marlow. Kurtz. The title is fantastic too. I’ve heard the title in many movies and TV […]